Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney's Money Speech

Lately the world (actually just the US Media, but they make it sound like the world) has been abuzz about Mitt Romney's wealth and tax filings. This is good. Because this discussion really helps people get jobs, off welfare, and fixes our nations healthcare and social security crisis, not to mention keeps our borders so much safer.

 Any way, I am a Mitt Romney supporter. I really do not like the direction Obama is taking our country. I won't spell out all the why's. Thats not why I broke a three-year hiatus on this blog.

 I want Mitt Romney to use me as his speech writer for when he finally decides to become transparent with his wealth and taxes. Probably won't happen, and I am OK with that. Most Democrats can't fathom why we are ok with it. It's just like Clinton wasn't transparent with getting Oval Office blowjobs, and Republicans didn't understand why that was not a big deal to his party. Sometimes we just value different things and we don't understand why people don't see the world the same as us. 

Anyway, if he decides to be transparent, then I think this is what he should say:

"[Hail to the Chief slowly fading in from background] My fellow Americans, in respect of time honored tradition of revealing personal wealth and tax records, as your Republican Presidential nominees, I have chosen this time to reveal that information. [Hail to the Chief fades out, Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A makes thundering entrance] I am filthy stinking rich. Not as rich as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, but a lot better off the 99% of the 1% and I only pay an effective 15% tax rate. If you don't know what effective tax rate means, you probably pay a higher rate than me. 

You see, our US Tax code rewards people who do their homework and invest in learning how to keep more of the money they earn. This requires knowing our tax laws. Having a CPA does not count. This is your money, not his or hers. You need to be in control of it. 

In summary, our tax codes say 'if you this and do that, and do it this way, you get to keep more of it.' 

Would you like to know what 'this' is, and what 'that' is so you can keep more of what you earn. I want you to as well. 

So in perfect transparency I am listing every tax code I have used to legally bring down my effective tax rate to 15%. Oh and by the way, even at 15%, I still shoulder more actual tax burden when we are talking dollars and not percentages than the 99%, so please don't complain that I am a money whore, tax felon or anything of the sort. It's just not true. In fact when you calculate in my charitable donations, and add it to the 15% we are actually really close when it comes to money doled out that does not directly benefit ourselves. 

If you follow this list that I am providing, and do what I have done. Then you to can keep more of what you make. I am not promising you will be rich. But you will have more, you will be more self reliant, you will not have to depend on others for sustenance, shelter, food, and clothing. 

That is a good feeling. 

That is what capitalism is all about. Reward hard and smart entrepreneurial work, not hopes and dreams and aspirations. Hopes and dreams and aspirations are fuel to fire for the American way, not ends to the means. 

Any questions?"

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