Saturday, November 17, 2007

ahhhhh!!!! I've Been Toilet Papered...

OK - so I started it. I couldn't help it. Liz Jergensen (our Wards YW President) announced that there was going to be a YW sleepover at her house for what I dont know. What I did know was that a bunch of YW sleeping at one persons house meant they wanted to get toilet papered - badly.

So I arranged with the Priests to come over to my house - only we werent doing a sleepover. We were just having fun til the time came to give Jeremy and Liz an early winter.

We arrived at about 10:30 or 11 - and everyone was still awake. We could hear them having fun etc...but the front room windows had a clear shot to the kitchen - so we had to keep our guard in case someone turned around.

Well - I think we were there for at least 30 minutes. We got nearly 70 rolls of t.p. laid out in the front yard before someone noticed.

Of course we naturally fled like our lives were in jeopardy. (part of the fun). We drove around a couple of times - honked from a distance - let them know we were there - then went home.

But it wasnt over.

I got a call at 2:35 am from Patrick saying revenge had been taken on him. He was pretty pissed. (he really needed to calm down, I mean, we did deserve it). He just wanted to know why him and not anyone else. So I looked out my window and guess what - I had been nailed to.

But it's not the same getting toilet papered WHEN YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT. I mean really. I was on the phone with Patrick for 8-minutes and picked everything up one-handed. There was really no pain in the retribution they gave me - but it was fun.

I just want to know how they knew it was us???

If there is anything I have learned from this experience it's that I found the ONE BENEFIT of living in an apartment.

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Liz said...

Just an FYI...
1. we had a purpose for our sleepover..Personal Progress. What else?
2. It was very obvious who toilet papered my house when you drove by and honked at us. If you didn't want us to know who did it, why did you drive by honking? Some of the girls know Eric's race rocket.
3. Yes, you do have an advantage when it comes to toliet papering to live in an apartment, but the fact that the girls got you at all without you hearing them is impressive to me. Give them a little credit!
4. I am a little surprised to know that you planned it. Where were the rest of the young men? I guess you really are the kid at heart!!
5. In all it was very fun for the girls and they had a great time!