Monday, October 29, 2012

Why Latino's, Gay's, and other minorities should vote for Romney

This is just how I see it. When people have money, we feel like nothing can go wrong. When people have money, life is good and we live by the motto, live and let live.

But when we don't have money - nothing get's done. Without money luxuries get scrapped.

Right now our economy looks worse than a nasty toilet bowl. We are in debt way beyond our necks, every day people are struggling to pay rent, mortgages, utilities and buy  groceries. The last thing we want to think about right now is equality. We just want to be financially secure. Its selfish, I know. But it is reality.

That has been the burden of Barack Obama.

He made promises to the Gay community four years ago, and because of the economy he has not been able to keep those promises. In fact, right out of the gates he received serious back lash from the gay community over broken promises. Not that Barack did not want to fulfill on that, but at the time, the economy trumped it all.

The Latino community has it worse. This is a community that undoubtedly is one of the hardest working, highest work ethic communities in America. Their men take jobs others would never consider. Their Moms and wives work three jobs at a time. This community prides itself on self resilience, self reliance, and coming together as a community to make life better.

Yet, in the four years Barack has been in office more Latino's are on government assistance than ever before. The same goes for the Black, Asian, Native American communities as well. Where is the pride? We don't want to be on food stamps? We want to show our kids that we can become we want to become. The American dream does not happen on food stamps.

Education is the key to getting out of poverty. But when national security is at risk, you have too much debt to protect yourself, and you have to pimp out your own country to foreign nations, no amount of talk and rhetoric can raise the levels of education among the impoverished communities in American until we have financial stability.

When this country is back on it's feet, the masses will say, let Gay's have same-sex marriage. The masses will say, give the illegal immigrants and their families citizen status. The masses will say, let's pour more money into educating the poor, lets give more education opportunities to the less fortunate.

Why will he masses say that? Because their needs will have been taken care of, and they don't care about anything else, so live and let live.

Only one candidate is qualified to bring back this country to it's economic heights. That is Mitt Romney. After he has done that, you can start voting on who best aligns with your social policies. But until then, only one candidate has a fiscal policy that can even get us to the point where we can  talk about those things and have the ability to implement the plans.

The rich may get richer, the gap might get wider, but the people, the masses, will be taken care of. When that happens education becomes a do-able action item. When the economy rebounds same-sex couple rights will be on the table again.. When the economy bounces back social policy will become important again.

Next week, vote for the candidate who can make that all happen. That candidate is Mitt Romney.

If we re-elect Obama the economy will still suck, social policy will continue to get ignored and we will be four more years behind. When that happens, you can bet a Republican will win the White House in 2016, and it won't be a moderate that supports minority facing social issues. Is that what you really want?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Romney's Money Speech

Lately the world (actually just the US Media, but they make it sound like the world) has been abuzz about Mitt Romney's wealth and tax filings. This is good. Because this discussion really helps people get jobs, off welfare, and fixes our nations healthcare and social security crisis, not to mention keeps our borders so much safer.

 Any way, I am a Mitt Romney supporter. I really do not like the direction Obama is taking our country. I won't spell out all the why's. Thats not why I broke a three-year hiatus on this blog.

 I want Mitt Romney to use me as his speech writer for when he finally decides to become transparent with his wealth and taxes. Probably won't happen, and I am OK with that. Most Democrats can't fathom why we are ok with it. It's just like Clinton wasn't transparent with getting Oval Office blowjobs, and Republicans didn't understand why that was not a big deal to his party. Sometimes we just value different things and we don't understand why people don't see the world the same as us. 

Anyway, if he decides to be transparent, then I think this is what he should say:

"[Hail to the Chief slowly fading in from background] My fellow Americans, in respect of time honored tradition of revealing personal wealth and tax records, as your Republican Presidential nominees, I have chosen this time to reveal that information. [Hail to the Chief fades out, Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A makes thundering entrance] I am filthy stinking rich. Not as rich as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, but a lot better off the 99% of the 1% and I only pay an effective 15% tax rate. If you don't know what effective tax rate means, you probably pay a higher rate than me. 

You see, our US Tax code rewards people who do their homework and invest in learning how to keep more of the money they earn. This requires knowing our tax laws. Having a CPA does not count. This is your money, not his or hers. You need to be in control of it. 

In summary, our tax codes say 'if you this and do that, and do it this way, you get to keep more of it.' 

Would you like to know what 'this' is, and what 'that' is so you can keep more of what you earn. I want you to as well. 

So in perfect transparency I am listing every tax code I have used to legally bring down my effective tax rate to 15%. Oh and by the way, even at 15%, I still shoulder more actual tax burden when we are talking dollars and not percentages than the 99%, so please don't complain that I am a money whore, tax felon or anything of the sort. It's just not true. In fact when you calculate in my charitable donations, and add it to the 15% we are actually really close when it comes to money doled out that does not directly benefit ourselves. 

If you follow this list that I am providing, and do what I have done. Then you to can keep more of what you make. I am not promising you will be rich. But you will have more, you will be more self reliant, you will not have to depend on others for sustenance, shelter, food, and clothing. 

That is a good feeling. 

That is what capitalism is all about. Reward hard and smart entrepreneurial work, not hopes and dreams and aspirations. Hopes and dreams and aspirations are fuel to fire for the American way, not ends to the means. 

Any questions?"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am on vacation.

I have 12 days behind me and 4 days to go before it is back to work for me. I think it has been one of the best vacations I can remember. Not necessarily because of the things I have done - but because of the things I have experienced.

I have experienced wonder and amazement, renewed friendship and family ties, humility and awe before God, a sense of belonging, youthfulness and childlike happiness, the joy of fatherhood, newlywed-like passion with my wife of almost 12 years, and calmness and serenity toward life and where it is taking me.

Yes - this has been a great vacation and I am sure that the next few days will not disappoint.

The Central Coast of California
Last week we started a drive from San Clemente (just north of the San Diego County border) to San Francisco. We made pit stops in Santa Babara, Solveng, Santa Maria, Hearst Castle, saw Elephant Seals bathing on the beach, went to Santa Clara, visited pier 39 and China town. We even crossed the Golden Gate bridge and saw some of the countries most expensive homes on Belvedere Island, Sausalito and Tiburon. But none of these was more impressive than the hand of God.

You see - the Central Coast of California, unbeknown to me until this last week, is still largely untouched and still very rugged and untamed.

As we left our stop at Hearst Castle the kids in the back fell asleep and Katherin dozed off for a nap. I was left to myself for much of the drive along the windy cliff side road on the Pacific ocean - on Californias central coast.

I was left to my thoughts. It seemed to me to last a few hours from when we left Hearst Castle until we arrived in Monterey.

What lies between the two is an undescribeable beauty of nature. Along this route there moments where there were so many pine trees along the coast - you could have thought you were high in the mountains. At other points the landscape was so flat and filled with cattle that you might have guessed you were among the great plains of the midwest. (trust me - i have been there too). At other points along the drive we were on cliffs so high you dared not look over.

The one thing all of these landscapes had in common was the Pacific Ocean just feet away. With its enourmous kelp beds and jagged rocks (some so big you could build mansions on them) the water has never looked so intimidating, majestic, or full of life.

One cannot deny that world was created by some supreme being. I call him God. He is a a master artisian and geologist. He is an awesome God.

All Things Big
As I mentioned earlier - we visited Hearst Castle. In its own right - this place is amazing. More than that - it gives man hope that he can dream and keep dreaming never being satisfied with what he has already done and where he has already been. But to keep striving for better and higher. And in the example of William Hearst, not at the expense of others - but with the purpose of bringing others along.

One of those persons he brought along was my son Isaac. During the tour of the Castle and the Castle grounds Isaac was in total and complete focus on the tour guide and everything he was showing us.

I have never ( and I repeat NEVER) seen Isaac so focused. Not on baseball, not on coniving a secret plan to get something of personal benefit, not on food or sports. Only here.

When you think about it - it makes sense.

You see - Isaac, like the Castle, is gi-normous. Not in physical size. But in heart, imagination, and in what he demands of himself.

At the end of the tour he made a pact with his brother Matthew to build something just like it. Later that week - he had the same fascination with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Isaac is big. Not because of some sort of Napolean complex that he keeps deep inside. But because of his capacity to become.

Isaac is all things big.

99% of this vacation has been with immediately family. Some with extended family. And just a little bit of time with some friends.

Once we got to San Francisco - we were invited by my good friend and work associate Tracy Cook to stay the night with her family, have a BBQ together and just hang out.

So thats what we did. Her and her husband Scott are very warm hosts and a blast to hang out with. Very genuine people and very kind.

The short visit we had with them reminded me that friends don't need to do a lot together. Friends are like family. As long as you are together - the where doesn't really matter.

Thanks T-Dawg!

The magic of Disneyland
Fatherhood is great. Nothing beats looking down at your kids seeing the complete amazement in their eyes as Tinkerbell soars overhead during the Disneyland Firework show. Or the joy they get when they accomplish something hard. Nothing is as great as riding a speeding roller-coaster with your oldest son and knowing that you are both beaming with smiles from ear to ear. Watching your 7 and 5 year olds embrace each other in hugs and and even bigger hugs as they find out they get to ride together on the Pirates of the Caribbean. That is cool.

I have discovered that the magic kingdom has its effects beyond that of young children or newly-in-love couples. It transcends deeply into the hearts of parents who watch it happen all over again and again and again - in their kids.

Disneyland is awesome.

In summary.
God is the ultimate creator. The greatest things we can create are strong families and strong friendships. But if we decide to go further than that, Walt Disney and William Hearst are good examples of what we are capable of.

Inside all of us - even little guys like Isaac - is something great and inspiring. If you need a reminder of that - I recommend Disneyland with a 5-year old.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nobody Said That Would Happen

A while back ago I saw a guy eat a live gold fish.

It never donned on me that the fish had been swimming in clean water and had probably been sanitized.

So this weekend when I had the opportunity to eat a guppy (the other cheap fish you buy next to the gold fish) - I took it.

Nobody pressured me into it. I just wanted to prove it was no big deal.

And it wasn't a big deal - UNTIL 3 HOURS Later - when I was glued to the porcelain throne. That was a long hour and not one I want to repeat.

Then a few hours after that - I returned to almighty flusher face down puking.

Moral of the story - Say yes to sushi, no to guppies.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Got To Meet This Guy

There is a person I want to meet - He is a Dentist. But thatis not why I want to meet him.

You see our lives have been crossing paths for nearly 15 years now and I have never met him, don't know what he looks like but I am fascinated by the fact that hotels confuse us, airline miles used to swap our points, and he shows up every single time I Google my name.

Thats right. Every time I Google my name he shows up - why? Because it's his name too.

There is another James Keddington out there and I want to meet him.

The first time I came across this mystery James was when I recieved his mail. I had just signed up for Delta Sky Miles and lo and behold - in the mail I get his point statement. The outside of the envelope was my information, the inside of the envelope was his information.

That is where I learned that there was a James Keddington living in Salt Lake City.

I have since cancelled my Sky Miles and actually refuse to re-sign up because I dont want that to happen again. Although, I have always wondered if I accidentally cancelled his at the same time.

Some time a long the way I learned that he moved to Bountiful, Utah. (oddly enough is where I was born)

My last path crossing was just the other day. I had called a hotel to get my rewards points status. (yes - i love reward points, and evidently he does too). After I had verified all the usual stuff - the interesting question came. It was this, " I have James Keddington, where do you live?" I answered correctly followed by, and does the other one live in Bountiful Utah."?

She was stunned that I knew the answer. I was not surprised.

So as I have Googled my name - and he has popped up - I have also learned that he is a practicing Dentist in Bountiful. Where my grandparents live.

I have decided that on my next visit this year, I will be making a dental appointment.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I had a nightmare last night

I had the worst dream last night. In my dream I was in some building and had to go poop really bad, and I couldn't find a bathroom.

Finally - when I found one after looking all over the place - the stall was nasty. And someone had pee'd all over the place. So I went looking for another bathroom.

When I found the 2nd bathroom - the toilet seat was so high I would have to climb up to sit on it, and there was no toilet paper. So I went looking for another bathroom.

When I found a 3rd Bathroom, it had no doors to the stall and opened up to a giant park with a ton of people playing and having fun. So I went looking for another bathroom.

Instead of finding a 4th bathroom. I woke up.

I really hated that dream.

Monday, January 12, 2009

War Sucks

This war in Gaza is breaking my heart. The boy 2nd from right must be the big brother.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Street Performers Are The Best

Ok - we have all been to places like Chicago, L.A., New York, San Francisco and all the tourist destinations where street performers thrive. For the most part - street performers are really talented.

But on occasion...some really suck.

So here is my day on Thursday. I am in L.A. on an appointment with someone I met on my way back from Honolulu last November. Instead of heading home in the heat of traffic (I had anticipated this - so Kat and the kids drove up with me) we decided to head over to Santa Monica Pier.

For those who aren't familiar Santa Monica Pier is really cool. It has roller coasters, an arcade and lots of other stuff. The pier and it's really close other amusement area, 3rd Street Promenade, are home to dozens of street performers and vendors.

You have the typical robot people, henta tattoo artists, sax players, and the never-ending "10 Year-old Michael Jackson" impersonator with his mooching mother and father close-by. (yes- I am convinced these kids are forced performers)

Well - we were at the pier and it being Winter - huge crowds were absent, and thus the good street performers as well.

In fact - there was only one performer.

The crappiest puppeteer in the world. Yes - he doesn't dance - his puppet dances. Or so he would want you to think the puppet dances.

In reality - the puppet goes up and down, and then up and down again. No, the feet don't move, the head doesn't move, and the arm and hands don't move either. The mans hand that holds the strings go up and down bending the puppet at the knee's until they hit the ground, and then he brings it up till the legs are fully extended, then back down again.

Of course, all this is to the beat of 80's R&B rap like MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and LL COOL J. It wouldn't be otherwise.

So as we approach this guy picks up the beat and really gets into it and I just watch to see what he can do with the puppet and nothing new happens. As I realize that this guy is the crappiest puppeteer on the face of the planet I notice the small crowd around him.

Its not a crowd, its his own kids holding out money like they arent his kids and they are tipping him. As we walk by the strategic clapping and laughing (obviousely fake laughing) pick up into high volume.

As we walk past, it all stopped, and all three kids turn to look at us, like, "did it work, did we lure them in to give us money", followed by the "Crap, it didn't work...I hate my dad for dragging me out in the cold" look.

I actually feel bad for the kids (and his wife who showed up later...who also looked as pissed as the kids to be there in the cold watching her husband. It seemed as if she is totally aware of the fact that he is the crappiest puppeteer and performer on the block).

Enjoy the picture.

The man of many talents is in the background with his wife dead center, kids to the right.

The ever so popular name on a grain of rice vendor.

A few yards down the innovative and highly competitive name and picture on a grain of rice vendor

I'm Forrest, Forrest Gump. My friends call me Forrest Gump.

There are more pictures of the family on roller coasters, at the Kings Hockey Game, and having fun together on Katherins and mine Facebook pages. Check them out there.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to scream...but it will hurt

I had my tonsils taken out and it isn't much fun.

I have been on the down low about it because of the holidays and such. But I am finally going to write about it. All I know is that it had better be worth it.

I was told that by the time all the healing is over I will look like Brad Pitt, be as strong as Spiderman, have the fashion sense of a queer, and sensitivity of an unrealistic male figure on a chick flick.

If that doesn't happen - someones gonna die. Cuz looking back - that is whats it worth.

Alright - now that I got that silent scream out of the way and feel no less better than I did 30 seconds ago, it really isnt fair to say this sucks. After all, I just finished my 4th of recovery. Yes - this happened the day after Christmas and yes - I at more on Christmas MORNING than i have since the surgery.

I the last four days I have had 2-costco protien shakes, 2- Wendy's Frosties, a grip load of water and ice chips, about 10 jello cups (now beginning to be a bit nasty) 5-frozen cups, 4-popsicles (maybe 5) and cup of cold ramen noodles.

They warned me that my taste buds might change and if they did, they would come back. Well - they changed. Everything tastes bitter - even the chocolate shakes and frosties.

So, you might be asking why I had this done... well it wasn't for the fun of it. I just snore too much and its part of the problem. They were also blocking part of my airpath that helped me breath at night - so I had sleep apnea too. I guess my tonsils were 3-times what the normal size is.

Those loyal followers of my blog might now be asking...isnt that why you had surgery last summer. The answer is yes - this is round two and hopefully the last. I cant think of anything else that I dont need that hasnt been taken, except well...that isn't happening yet.

Other than that - the last few days have been awesome!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official

Katherin is officially, certifiably --- HOT!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Embarrassing moments, Katherin, Weight Loss, Kids, and all the other stuff

I feel like it has been a while since I have had a real posting here. I mean, lets not forget my final word on Prop. 8 - but that has nothing to do with whats going on in my life...and that is what this blog is about - the life of JK.

OK - I had an extremely embarrassing moment today from something that happened yesterday. I am driving to church with Hallie (we were on our way to my Nieces baby blessing) and out of nowhere I just decide to start singing to her. Admit it. You sing all the time in the car. Difference probably is that I was going solo with no background help whatsoever.

Anyhow - in the midst of my singing I hear this noise coming from my earbuds connected to my iPhone. I look at the phone and I see the name " Marianne Phillips" and a time of 29 seconds. Marianne is my boss and evidently the noise I hear is hear laughing hysterically.

I just hung up. At the time I didnt know she was laughing - I found out today thats what I heard as she proudly told our entire office in our team meeting this morning.

For those who want to know - I dont know the name of the song. I just know the words and at this point I am definitely not in the singing mood.

Katherins Health. For those who haven't heard, Katherin had and appendectomy about 2 1/2 weeks ago. A lot of people have asked about her and how it all went down - I really havent had a chance to respond so here it goes.
  • On Oct. 22 I am working late and while on the last train possible I get a call from Katherin saying she is on her way to the Emergency Room. After 24 hours was up she realized is wasnt the 24 hour flu.

  • I got to the hospital about 7 and around 2 am she was discharged with the diagnosis being a burst cyst on one of her ovaries. Painful and more common than you might think. We are told to home, sleep, the pain will be gone shortly and see the OB.

  • The next morning at 9:30 we get a call from the hospital saying they were wrong and to come back - she had appendicitis.

  • By noon she was in surgery.

  • According to the Dr. all went well. (Liar)

  • By the time nightfall came I had 4 hours of sleep in a 48 period of time and decided to go home. That became code for nurses to ignore Katherin.

  • That night Katherin went completely ignored for 7 hours in which she endured no pain medicine and she described it as a 7 hour delivery of a baby.

  • After serious complaining - we recieved good care the following day and half. She stayed one more night and went home on the evening of the third day.

  • After about a week the incision area became hard - but not to be concerned.

  • On Oct. 30 she went to the Dr. to have it looked at and they declared it part of the healing process.

  • On Oct. 31 infection starting oozing from the incision area and we went back to the ER (different hospital this time)

  • Evidently she had a pretty serious infection.

  • They had to cut her open - and yes I watched. I could never be a doctor. Completely disgusting. After opening her up and squeezing the infection out, they loaded the open wound area with gauze.

  • Two days later they removed it and replaced it with rubber tubing to let the infection leak out more - but allow the wound to heal.

  • Two days later the tubing come out on its own.

  • Now Katherin is finally doing fine.
So that is the skinny - hopefully end of story.

Where I am at with Weight Loss. With all of Kats medical issues over the last three weeks - I had little time to focus on myself. I was doing double duty as Mom, Dad and busy time at work. Needless to say I have only been alble to workout 3 times in teh last three weeks. However - I have been able to watch what I eat.

So for accountability records - I am down to 210. That is a couple of pounds loss since my last posting on becoming a loser.

I hope to a bigger loser in upcoming weeks despite the holidays.

A missionary farewell and a baby blessing. This weekend was awesome crazy. All my family was in town for my neices baby blessing. Even my cousins Tiffany and Tessa made it down with my Aunt Tina. It was great.

This weekend was also Katherins brothers mission farewell. He reports this Wednesday and is going to serve in Eugene Oregon.

Fishing with my brothers. For the first time I can remember - me and my two brothers spent a day together. It was awesome. We went Sea Fishing. Some call it Deep Sea Fishing - but it wasnt. It was like a mile south of the harbour and a half mile of shore. So it was just ocean fishing.

The only keeper was Richards sheepshead. He caught a few others. I forget what they were, and same with Pat. I caught three small fish. A seabass, a rockfish, and a mackrell. Not the holy kind, just a regular ole terrestrial mackerel.

The best part was hanging out with my brothers. I hope we do it again soon.

Work is INSANE. End of story.

Going to Hawaii. Despite work being totally insane - its taking me to Honolulu this week. So thats why I am not complaining. Kat gets to come. We will have two days of work and two days of pleasure. I will post pics later. We leave Wednesday and get back on Sunday morning around 5 am. Poor kids - they get to go to Grandmas.

I like Adobe Photoshop. Check out the pic I did of the kids with it.

Facebook is a gentle reminder that I am out of touch. I dont feel old. I definitely dont act old. I dont even think I look old. But some say I sound older on the phone. But lately as I have been on Facebook I have been reminded that there there is an up and coming generation behind me. Terms like tagged and poke have different meanings. I am instantly connected to people of my past who were never my friends, never intended on being friends - but for some reason Facebook has made them my friend. I am ok with that though. But can someone please help me figure out what it means to poke somebody. I mean, how rude.

In conclusion - I have spent the entire train ride home on this posting and almost my entire battery life.

Its been a good hour.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Final Word On Proposition 8

My posting on proposition 8 has generated a lot of attention from both sides of the argument. Some have been very respectful and debated the issues. Some have been raucus and put words in my mouth and have been liars, while our latest and most humble poster, "Heart Throb Scott" is just purely emotional. I think his hearts been broken.

We have heard a lot on proposition 8 from opponents to the victorious amendment. Some have been on this blog, some in the news, and some from friends.

While my next comment definitely does not apply to the majority of opponents it definitely applies to those making the most noise. The opponents and so-called defenders of the law, protector of rights, and the role models of tolerance have found themselves arrested for trampling police cars, disturbing the peace, assaulting the elderly, and the felony level destruction of personal property. This does not include the lowest of character assaults and threats on individuals of the Mormon faith in decietful advertising and riotous outbreaks at our temples and on city streets.

To be fair in comparison - the proponents of this proposition did have one altercation where a grown man attacked a 17-year old female. Just as horrendous.

But by comparison - this is the only like example.

And so - I make this comment only to let the opposition to Prop 8 know that so long as the behavior of the noise makers continues - their actions destroy any credibility that they are walkers of the talk, and validate that they are two tongued selfish thinking, zealots who are more concerned with themselves than any other group.

And so now I will respond to the comments and statements that fire me up the most:

Supporters of Prop 8 are accused of being hateful, discriminatory, and intolerant.

Hateful: No - not in the least bit. Our rallies have been respectful and peaceful. We have not gone to peoples places of worship and tried to drive fear into the hearts of those who oppose us. Fear is documented tactic by opponents of this proposition. Fear is also the main tactic of street gangs and terrorists. We are not hateful. Our values are different. That is all.

Discriminatory. Yes. This is discriminatory. But not in a bad way. We (our state and country) discriminate every day. I choose water over soda pop. I am not allowed in the carpool lane because I bought my hybrid too late. I dont get food stamps because I make too much, even though I cant afford to pay all my bills. I choose not to fool around with other women because I value being part of my wifes and childrens life more. I am not allowed in certain night clubs unless I bring a girl with me. I voted yes on 8 because I am discriminatory in what I want taught in public schools and I want my preacher to be discriminatory based on his values on who get does and does not marry in the church. So I had to be discriminatory in my choice on proposition 8. Every choice is discriminatory. Every single one. We all discriminate based on our personal values. My discriminating vote had nothing to do hate, gender, or sexual preferences. It had everything to do with what I want taught in schools, the freedoms I want my preacher to have in exercising our religion, the century old traditions I want preserved. There is nothing wrong with that.

Intolerant - No, quite the opposit. We live a higher law. Its called un-condition love without condoning. You see - this world says if you dont agree with me you are intolerant and unaccepting. I live something higher. I say you are free to choose and live they way you want regardless of how much I disagree with you. I will love you regardless - but at the same time I wont condone what I disagree with. We all have friends who have been addicted to drugs. We love them dearly. But we dont do drugs, we dont encourage their addiction, and we dont make it easier for them to continue in the addiction. In essence - we completely disagree with their lifestyle of drug use, we teach our children to never use drugs. But we still love the person.

While drugs is physically harmful - one might say there is no comparison. I would say it is a perfect comparison. Most of Christianity and other world religions considers homosexuality a sin, unnatural and against Gods command and contrary his design for his ultimate creations, man and woman. Thus homosexuality is as spiritually dangerous to us and drugs are physically dangerous.

They both separate us from God.

Do you really want to tell that she can't get married to the one she loves because she is lesbian?
No - I dont . But I will. Because more than that - I dont want would happen in our school system and to our preachers.

Again my rights and priviliges would be taken away if this were to happen. Dont say it wouldnt - it already has for those in Massachussetts.

I would however support a national civil union registry. Let the state stop administering marriages in the courts and let it be optional and no longer a legal status - but purely a religious ordinance.

That way preacher can marry who they want based on belief, schools teach that legal unions between two person get certain tax benefits, health benefits etc...and morality discussions are completely taken out of the government. If i want a tax break, me and my current wife would need to file for a civil union. This would give greater equal legal responsibility to parents of children in the case of civil union annulments and gay couples could enjoy the same legal benefits that currently are offered to only married people.

Everyone would win that way. My religious freedoms are preserved. My parental rights in what values I teach my children are still mine to choose. And homosexual couples enjoy the same legal benefits nationally and statewide.

Opponents of Prop 8 ask why my religion is more important than theirs: Here is why. Let me use an analogy.

It is completely legal to throw a punch at somebody. It becomes illegal once that punch has landed on the persons face or body.

Likewise - we are free to live our religion to the point at which it stops another from living theirs. That being said - when preachers are sued and lose in court because they chose not to marry a gay couple - that preacher lost his freedom of religion 0r a punch was landed on his face.

Now - if your religion says you can get married. Get married by your religion. Not someone elses.

But as the courts have chosen already - any person is authorized to marry, must marry anyone who can legally be married are they are violating discrimination laws.

The current discrimination laws in relation to marriage -take away a preachers rights to live his religion.

That is what is wrong with the current system. So it not that my religion is better - its that currently your religion / beliefs stops me from practicing mine because of discrimination laws.

That needs to change. Until that changes I oppose same-sex marriage.

In conclusion...contrary to what all opposition says about this being about hate and intolerance has nothing to do with that.

It has everything to do with keeping peoples religious beliefs in tacts, with allowing parents to choose what values are and are not taught to their children.

I am thrilled that a majority of this state sees it like I do - deeply dissappointed it was so close.