Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas Fun

Christmas was pretty cool this year. Santa delivered bikes and toys and dolls and doll things. There were bionicles and super heros for the boys, coloring and princess stuff. I got nerf warfare stuff and kat got jewelry and money so she can go shopping for things I wouldnt know to buy her.

Overall it was tons of fun with family and friends.

Hallie opening her first present...sorry - I forgot to turn it. The rest should be ok though. She got a stroller for her baby doll!

Here is a picture of my sassy girl with playing that stroller.

Matthew and Isaac Opening Nerf Guns from Grandma and Grandpa Keddington

OK - So We Had Nerf Gun Theme To This Year - Its Fun -Even Grandpa CJ got his own sniper rifle that converts to a sawed off shotgun

Me and My Baby Brother Richard Cuddling A Few Days Before Christmas.

If you ever find guacamole...Katherin usually isnt far behind. Luckily for us, we all got some too.


TheOrderofthePorters said...

Hey.. I didn't get any guacamole. Where's the love??
Your kids are adorable and I love Katherin's glasses. I always wanted to be the kind of person that looks cute in glasses. Luckily I have perfect eyesight because I look retarded in them. I'm glad you guys had a fun Christmas. Hopefully we'll never do anything to offend you guys because I don't think we could defend ourselves against your nerf warfare.

Chelsea said...

How cute are your kids now!! I cant believe how big Halle is!! man! That video was great too!! They look so fun. We sure miss you guys!! Katherin you look great too!!! Glad yall had a good Christmas!