Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greatness Summit, Got On TV, and Snowboarding

OK - I had tons of fun this last week.

Albuquerque Greatness Summit
I was in ABQ this week at FranklinCovey's Greatness Summit. It was a long three days - but so much fun. Katherin was able to join me again - which made it even more fun. I think that our Greatness Summit team did its best ever. It is so great to work with a team where everyone knows there job, executes with excellence, and helps everyone around them.

However - the hotel was a nightmare. I dont think I will ever use the Embassy Suites in ABQ ever again for an event like this. Our staff really had to babysit the catering crew and make sure that everything was being done right - otherwise, it would not have gone well.

For more info on this see my other blog that is for summits only. (

Post Summit Fun
I was supposed to go Snowboarding at Sandi Peaks in ABQ the day after the summit, but the Tram that was going to take me to the resort was shut down, so I didnt go. I was pretty bummed...but...

I found luck in that I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer at the x-treme H0me M@ke Over job site for a family in Albuquerque. It was so cool. Those from work who got to go were Myself, Laura, Katherin, Tina, and Nikki.

Pretty much, what we did was prep the homes, yes more than 1, for tear down. We had to move out all the clothes, furniture, food etc and get it ready. It is very interesting, the houses had to be clean befoer tear down. I am not sure why - but we had to make sure that the carpets, floors and all counter tops looked clean. The other intersting thing was I didnt realize all that went into tearing down a house. We had the water company over, the gas company, the electrical company, a HazMat company (for asbestos removal and stuff like that) No wonder it takes them until day 2 or 3 to tear down the house. Alot of work goes into the prep work alone.

The highlight of the day was when Kat, me, and Nikki got to do a quick shot on the show with Tye. It was one of the scenes where he is filmed filming himself and we are in the background cheering him on. Pretty cool stuff.

Young Mens Snowboarding Trip
Yesterday wetook our entire young mens organization on a snowboarding trip to Mtn. High. It was a lot of fun. I think for the most part, they will all get their snow sports merit badge.

The youth that went: Andrew, Logan, Raul, Ian, Chad, Zach, Santiago, Spencer, Matt W., Garrett, Dallin, and Brycen.

The adults who went were: Mark Hardy, John Heaton, Dave Turner, Gregg Frye, Kevin Munns, and myself.

To start off the day, Spencer and Andrewe were the only young men that knew how to board - but by the end of the day only a couple were struggling still. For the most part - they all did great and all can't wait to go again.

Garret and Andrew On The Ski Lift
Spencer Coming Down After Landing and a 180 jump atop a quarter pipe against what we called the tree stump

Matt almost successfully grinding the entire pipe

Kevin, Garrett, and John on the ski lift


Chelsea said...

Hey nice joke on Doug! It was pretty funny!!!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

My goal in life is to one day do fun stuff like that. Right now I just get excited if once and a while I get to watch a grown-up tv show instead of Dora or spongebob. Pretty adventurous eh?