Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thought I'd Drop A Note Before I hit the hay

Hey All,

OK - so I life is good - i have nothing particularly interesting to write about. I have been doing more blogging in my other one lately. It has a bit more importance to it. (

But for posterity sake and I thought I would just write a bit.

Hallie turns 5 tommorrow. What that means is she starts kindergarten this year and Kat and I start to discuss whether or not we want any more kids.

So the pros are:
- Kids rock and are fun
- Maybe I get another princess and another ballplayer (if we have more it will be 2)
- thats about it.

The cons are:
- Poopy diapers
- Poopy diapers
- Poopy diapers

I think I will start a poll - In fact I am going to do a poll - what do you think - should Katherin and I have more kids? take the poll and let me know your thoughts.



Chelsea said...

yes have more kids! and dang i cant believe Hallie is 5, that is crazy!! Miss yall!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

I'm probably not the best person to ask if you want a fair answer because I am totally addicted to kids. There is really nothing better in the world. Yes, Yes,Yes!! Plus, your other kids will be babysitting age before you know it.