Monday, December 29, 2008

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I just want to scream...but it will hurt

I had my tonsils taken out and it isn't much fun.

I have been on the down low about it because of the holidays and such. But I am finally going to write about it. All I know is that it had better be worth it.

I was told that by the time all the healing is over I will look like Brad Pitt, be as strong as Spiderman, have the fashion sense of a queer, and sensitivity of an unrealistic male figure on a chick flick.

If that doesn't happen - someones gonna die. Cuz looking back - that is whats it worth.

Alright - now that I got that silent scream out of the way and feel no less better than I did 30 seconds ago, it really isnt fair to say this sucks. After all, I just finished my 4th of recovery. Yes - this happened the day after Christmas and yes - I at more on Christmas MORNING than i have since the surgery.

I the last four days I have had 2-costco protien shakes, 2- Wendy's Frosties, a grip load of water and ice chips, about 10 jello cups (now beginning to be a bit nasty) 5-frozen cups, 4-popsicles (maybe 5) and cup of cold ramen noodles.

They warned me that my taste buds might change and if they did, they would come back. Well - they changed. Everything tastes bitter - even the chocolate shakes and frosties.

So, you might be asking why I had this done... well it wasn't for the fun of it. I just snore too much and its part of the problem. They were also blocking part of my airpath that helped me breath at night - so I had sleep apnea too. I guess my tonsils were 3-times what the normal size is.

Those loyal followers of my blog might now be asking...isnt that why you had surgery last summer. The answer is yes - this is round two and hopefully the last. I cant think of anything else that I dont need that hasnt been taken, except well...that isn't happening yet.

Other than that - the last few days have been awesome!


sararndt said...

So sorry James! I hope you are feeling better soon! George has to get his out soon for some of the same reasons! I'll be sure to not let him read your blog before hand! lol I hear that getting tonsils out for adults is a lot harder recovery than for adults! Good Luck for a speedy recovery!

Annette Keddington said...

That's too bad James. I had mine removed as a child and I still remember it as one of the worst experiences of my life. Might I suggest the hand-scooped ice cream shakes from Carl's Jr.....

If you need anything, let us know.

Andy Porter said...

Hang in there!! Sorry it had to be over the holidays. Major bummer. Hope you feel better soon. Silent screaming isn't as fun as real screaming.