Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day Didnt Start Off So Good

I want to make an apology regarding this post. I made a comment below about Scouting that was offensive to some, and quite honestly - now that I see it from thier perspective, I would have never made the comment and regret it. I have highlighted it in red below for you to see if you wish.

Dec. 12, 2007

OK - so lately I have been riding by bike to the train station, from the train to work, and back. Well, this morning I had to catch an early train because of meeting at work, so I was riding in the dark. Not ideal - but oh well right??

So I flying down this really long hill and as it starts to flatten out, and take a bend, I see three cars stopped in the bike line. This is a busy road and I am not feeling like hitting the brakes hard. Luckily no cars coming and I can swerve out of the bike lane and into the road.

As I slow down to see what the fuss was about (presuming a car accident) it is evident that a cyclist has been fatally hit.

Whoa - no police yet, no ambulance, no fire engine (though i hear them coming). This had only happened minutes before I arrived. Immediately grateful I was running late.

I still don't know what caused it. It was dark outside, cars run real fast on that road, and if a cyclist (not motor - but a ten speed) is going fast enough around that bend, he or she could easily get wobbles and a take a bad fall. Either way - timing was all wrong this morning that fellow. Kind of stuck with me all day.

Contemplating not telling Katherin, but she'd read me that something was bothering me, and it's best just to tell than keep her wondering.

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Work was good and all today - that is until my iPod crashed. I have owned this for over two years now and I have never had a problem with it. When I plugged it in, iTunes told me the iPod had been corrupted. Now I can't open it and get it to power on and run for me.

I was blessed with a bonus profit-sharing check yesterday - maybe my faithful iPod won't wake up and I will have to go buy the new iPod Nano that has video. As much as I don't want to spend the money - I cant say that wouldn't mind either.

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So my iPod dies and now I am running late from work to the train - but I didnt know that. I thought I was doing just fine. That is until whileI was waiting for the elevator the train pulls up.

I had to pick up my bike, run up three flights of stairs, and make it over and down in 45 seconds or I was dead man, well I pulled it off, but I now I feel like a dead man, but I'm not dead, just feel that way.

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To make things better - I get to go to Boy Scout training tonight. I can't wait. I love hanging out for hours with grown men in uniform. Luckily I get to go with Todd. We'll show up in shorts and t-shirts, that way no one will talk to us. (Professional scouters don't talk to other Scouters who don't wear uniforms. It's a good bonus for acting like a normal person).

In all reality - I probably wouldnt mind Scout training if I didn't work for a training company. Training is my life day in and day out. I probably get 2 days month of professional development, and it is all world class. The last thing I want to do is sit in training at night with people I have nothing in common with. Oh well. It is what it is.

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The day should end well. Todd and I are going to hit the cages hard tonight before Scout Training. There is nothing like smashing a ball over and over again It is good therapy for someone extra-heavy on the testosterone. It calms me down and makes me bearable.

Anyway - this is all I think I will end my post here.

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