Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where I Stand

I just finished writing a post about my upcoming year. I thought I would also write a post about me, about where I stand on certain things - you know - religion, politics, and other important things like do we really need to brush our teeth 2x a day?

Religion - Latter-Day Saint (aka: Mormon). I am pretty devout. I go to church each Sunday. I am the equivelant of a youth pastor - being that I am in charge of the spritual development of all the young men, in additon to their weekly fun activities.

I absolutely love it. I work with the greatest people, and the young men are incredible. Each one of them. I know they all carry the potental to do great things. It is awesome to see them grow and mature.

Politics - I have no freaking clue, but I am a registered republican. Mostly because my parents were always republican and I don't smoke pot. So what else would I be??

I have no idea who I am going to vote for. I am waiting for the first republican to stand up and say the following: "Hey - you've been lied, screwed, asked to support a lousy war for a lousy reason - we have been disasterous in international relations - our debt is blown way out of proportion, and you will never see social security. Here are the ways I would suggest we can do to restore trust back into the white house and the senate - what do you think?"

Other things -

I brush my teeth every morning. Katherin brushes her teeth every morning and every night. Katherin gets cavaties. I don't. End of argument.

Train People - I love riding the train. I get a chance to relax, unwide from work, avoid traffic, and be totally exposed to the wierdest people and situations. Like the blind guy. This blind guy was selling hats. These hats were ugly. But you felt bad telling him no. I mean who wants to spend $10 on a neon colored mesh hat that has writing in a different language. I think if he knew what he was really selling he would be totally embarrassed.

Well no one wants to buy the hat, and nobody wants to say no - so when he walks by everyone gets real quiet. (As if there is no one on the train) We try avoid his cane hitting our feet. He cant see us, but if he can hear us - he throws out the pitch. Its like on Jurassic Park when they avoid the T-Rex by not moving. Its ridiculous. But it happens.

Then there is the bastard who wont let me sleep. I know I snore - but I dont give a rip. If I am sleeping on the train - its because I am really tired. So when this guy sits next me and I am sleeping, he just kicks me in the shins. Last time he tried to sit next to me, I just kept my legs strectched out, glared, and he walked on by.

Oh there are so many train stories. Hopefully I will BLOG them as they happen in the future.

But for now - my current train ride is almost come to an end, and I must go.

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