Friday, October 26, 2007

Softball Tournament From Last Weekend

Here are some images from my first softball tournament.

It was in Riverside. We did OK - it was a double elimination. The first two games we won, we beat them both with the mercy rule. (We were ahead by so much, the game ended early). Then we lost our third game. (Also third game in a row - that is tiring). After our first break, we played our fourth game and lost that, and that meant the end of the tournament for us.
We went home with 3rd place. Normally that sound good - real good - but there were only five teams. So it was OK. Hey - we got a t-shirt and 4 games for $25 bucks a person - not a bad day.

Me getting ready to lay the smack down on a ball

Here I am about to hit the long ball 3 Run Homer

Here is a pic of Todd Moran nabbing a ball in Left Center

This Todd crushing his home run ball. I think mine went farther though :)

This is a good pic of the team (congratulating Todd)
Wayne Munyer with the yellow hat - Todd up front with the white shirt, Devin to the right of Todd in the blue shirt, then me in red, and all the way to the right is Don.
Other members of the team that day were Bryce and Tyler Munyer, Byron, Yolario, David Gunnel, and Jeremiah Jones.

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