Monday, November 5, 2007

Funny Train Incident

OK - so I think most of you know that I ride the train daily. There are always interesting things happening - but this is the first time I saw this.

This morning I am doing my weekly planning - then from a few rows behind me I hear two men "discussing" something rather loudly.

It turns out that these two rather large men are arguing where the dividing line between the two of them is. One of them pointed out the invisible line that separates the seats.

His finishing line was, "I am just not comfortable with your leg brushing up against mine the whole train ride, when are you getting off".

That pretty much ended the conversation.


TJ said...

James it is okay to admit that it was you who was rubbing the other guys leg. It happens.

JAKEDD said...

Thanks TJ - I need that kind of affirmation. You are a true friend.