Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Public Apology

I want to apologize to you my friends. Back in October I made a comment in my post titled "Day Didn't Start Off So Good", that I wish I had never made. (click here to see post)

It was a comment about people involved in the Boy Scouts.

Those comments were made without much thinking on my part. Thanks to a friend who pointed this out to me, I see how hurtful my comments may have been.

I am sorry for that.

Also -I would like to make note that I think what the Boy Scouts does for Young Men is incredible. I love the results the organization produces in these young people. I also think that any young man who follows the principles of the organization will become a great man and community leader.

I also believe that the principles of the BSA that develop such wonderful young men are not symbiotic with the culture of Boy Scouts. I believe that if the values remain the same, the commitments to mission, vision, goals, and oaths are kept in tact - that the results will be the same in any environment.

But until I form my own organization, keep it around for over 100 years, get the same lasting results BSA has gotten - I will continue be a part the BSA. I like what Scouting does for me more than I dislike those things that aren't of interest to me.

So l go along with the program, and very often - I find myself thoroughly enjoying where I am at.

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