Monday, February 18, 2008

I testify of Christ

I think that most of my friends have a good understanding of my beliefs. But I awoke this morning unusually early with an impression to testify of Christ in this blog.

I know that Jesus Christ lives.

In the Garden of Gethsemene he suffered above any of us - bled from every pore - was sustained by Angels - and paid the price for my sins, for your sins, and for the sins of every person that would ever live. He was willing to do so, even if just one person accepted that great act of mercy.

I know he did this. I have experienced the power of the atonement in my life. I have felt the burden of sin lifted from my shoulders. I have caused suffering to others through my actions - and witnessed the hand of God restoring what I could not.

I have personally experienced a change of heart and can not explain why my heart had changed, what event led to it, only that it has changed and that my relationships with others have been made whole.

I have seen miracles in my behalf and in behalf of others as a result of turning lifes trials over to Christ. I know that through his suffering - not only paid the price for sin - but inclusively took upon himself our burdens as well.

I have been redeemed by Christ and no matter what works I do on this Earth, not matter how much good, no matter the fruits of my labors - I know that there is nothing I can do that would adequately make me debt free to my Savior. There is nothing.

But I strive to do good continually. Not as a some sort of ticket into heaven, but as a result of sorrow. I know what sorrow feels like. I also know what being Christs disciple is like - being his tool in bringing another sould to him. I prefer that over sin and the burdens it brings.

I still sin and Christ still forgives me. It's amazing. Christ will continue to forgive all who come unto him.

The conditions of repentence are simple: faith in Christ and a broken heart.

What that means to me is this:
  • We recognize the wrongs we have done and that there are things we cannot fix on our own, that there are things that only Christ can.
  • We have godlike sorrow. We are more afraid of the our separation from Christ that what our peers, family, etc will think of our admission of sin. That we are willing to do what we can to restore our wrongs depsite what others think so that Christ can fully restore what we can't.
  • We invite Christ to step into our life and take over...and then really let him take over.
I testify with no doubt that the things I have spoken are true. There is nothing more true in this life and that any person who comes unto Christ will find a peaceful sweetness among the chaos.

We will see the chaos of life around us. We will see darkness. We will know sadness because of the poor decisions of others -but we will not be part of it.

I testify that life with Jesus Christ as your partner is the best life. No other kind of life can compare.

This I write in Jesus holy name - Amen.

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