Sunday, February 10, 2008

Little League Is Upon Us

OK - its that time of year again. I can't help myself. Its suicide on my schedule - but I loving coaching my two sons. Thankfully this year they are on the same team.

We are the Twins.

Its the Rookie league - which is equivalent to coach pitch, but its machine pitch. It's a lot of fun. It is a development league with a wide range of talent pool and parent expectations. The first half of the seaso we hit off of the tee - like in tee-ball, and the 2nd half of the season we break out the pitching machine.

Its great fun!

Matthew - who is turning 8 this month - is so into the mechanics. He thinks about every little thing. Meanwhile - Isaac - turning 6 this month - just gets it. Both are great at it, it is just amazing how different they approach the sport - even though they are brothers and do everything together.

Our team is pretty stacked - we have five 8-year olds, four 7-year olds, and three 6-year olds. What that means is that most kids can catch the ball half the time. That helps. Less time chasing - more time playing.

Here's to a new season of baseball twice a week and (not including my softball games and going to Angel Stadium) and LOVING IT!!!!!!

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