Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Got To Meet This Guy

There is a person I want to meet - He is a Dentist. But thatis not why I want to meet him.

You see our lives have been crossing paths for nearly 15 years now and I have never met him, don't know what he looks like but I am fascinated by the fact that hotels confuse us, airline miles used to swap our points, and he shows up every single time I Google my name.

Thats right. Every time I Google my name he shows up - why? Because it's his name too.

There is another James Keddington out there and I want to meet him.

The first time I came across this mystery James was when I recieved his mail. I had just signed up for Delta Sky Miles and lo and behold - in the mail I get his point statement. The outside of the envelope was my information, the inside of the envelope was his information.

That is where I learned that there was a James Keddington living in Salt Lake City.

I have since cancelled my Sky Miles and actually refuse to re-sign up because I dont want that to happen again. Although, I have always wondered if I accidentally cancelled his at the same time.

Some time a long the way I learned that he moved to Bountiful, Utah. (oddly enough is where I was born)

My last path crossing was just the other day. I had called a hotel to get my rewards points status. (yes - i love reward points, and evidently he does too). After I had verified all the usual stuff - the interesting question came. It was this, " I have James Keddington, where do you live?" I answered correctly followed by, and does the other one live in Bountiful Utah."?

She was stunned that I knew the answer. I was not surprised.

So as I have Googled my name - and he has popped up - I have also learned that he is a practicing Dentist in Bountiful. Where my grandparents live.

I have decided that on my next visit this year, I will be making a dental appointment.

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James said...

Hi. My name is James Keddington. I am a dentist in Bountiful, Utah. I was googling a movie villain who was named James Keddington and I stumbled upon your blog site. I don't travel that much, so I don't know how our points have gotten mixed up. I hope I'm not messing your life up too much with my shenanigans. Make an appointment. I'd love to meet you.