Monday, May 11, 2009

Nobody Said That Would Happen

A while back ago I saw a guy eat a live gold fish.

It never donned on me that the fish had been swimming in clean water and had probably been sanitized.

So this weekend when I had the opportunity to eat a guppy (the other cheap fish you buy next to the gold fish) - I took it.

Nobody pressured me into it. I just wanted to prove it was no big deal.

And it wasn't a big deal - UNTIL 3 HOURS Later - when I was glued to the porcelain throne. That was a long hour and not one I want to repeat.

Then a few hours after that - I returned to almighty flusher face down puking.

Moral of the story - Say yes to sushi, no to guppies.


Holly said...

Ikes! Sorry about your puking incident. That's the worst.

Andy Porter said...

You ate a live guppy? Was it wiggly in your mouth? I say "no" to guppies....and goldfish....and sushi.